The City of Kansas City, Aviation Department (KCAD) is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) and Section 106 Evaluation for the proposed Replacement Terminal Project (the Proposed Action) at the Kansas City International Airport (KCI).  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the lead Federal agency that will review the EA. The EA will investigate, analyze, and disclose any potential environmental impacts associated with the Proposed Action.

What is an Environmental Assessment (EA)?

An EA is conducted in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and FAA Orders 5050.4B/1050.1F which require all major Federal actions (including FAA actions) to be environmentally reviewed. An EA includes the following:

  • Describes a Proposed Action’s anticipated environmental impacts;
  • Discloses impacts and identifies if any significant impacts would result from the implementation of the Proposed Action;
  • Provides sufficient evidence and analysis for a federal determination whether to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or issue a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI);
  • Requires coordination with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies; and,
  • May include a public workshop / public hearing to provide information to the public and to provide a forum for the public to present their comments as it pertains to the Proposed Action.

EA Process

1.  Formulation of Proposed Action & Reasonable Alternatives

2. Background Data Collection

3. Conduct Public & Agency Scoping

4. Conduct Analysis & Prepare Draft EA

5. Publish Notice of Availability of Draft EA

6. 30-Day Public Comment Period Begins

7. Conduct Public Hearing & Collect Agency/Public Comments

8. Prepare Final EA

9. Publish Final EA

10. FAA Determination


Proposed Action

The Proposed Action includes the development of a replacement terminal and other associated supporting and enabling projects. The Proposed Action includes the following elements:

  • Decommission and demolish existing Terminal A, including the Terminal A parking garage and aircraft apron
  • Decommission and demolish existing Terminal B and Terminal C and consolidate airline operations at the new replacement Terminal
    • Terminal B and C will remain open during construction of new terminal
  • Construct new replacement terminal
  • Construct new terminal apron area around replacement terminal
  • Realign or relocate FAA facilities, including but not limited to, the FAA compound wall, roadways leading to the FAA facility, FAA vehicle parking, duct banks, and cable loop
  • Construct new parking garage and a surface parking lot
  • Modify existing roadways and construct new roadways in the terminal core area
  • Construct various storm water collection system improvements
  • Renovate existing Central Utility Plant (CUP) or construct replacement utility infrastructure
  • Potential Resurface and Rehabilitate the taxiways in the vicinity of the replacement terminal
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