We are committed to building a legacy impact by maximizing business opportunities for minority-owned, woman-owned, local, and small business enterprises in the cities that we live, work, and play in.

Minority-owned, women-owned, and local businesses play a vital role in every project we develop and, by investing in their future, we not only strengthen our industry, but also the communities we serve. The entire Edgemoor Team is committed to providing economic opportunities that stimulate growth and development for the Kansas City community.

With each new venture, we identify key areas in which local and small businesses can contribute, outlining a bidding and procurement strategy to ensure that we achieve our subcontracting objectives. We deploy an extensive outreach program to engage and inform the local community about potential small business opportunities. By way of job fairs, networking events, and with the help of various local resources, we solicit participation from a broad list of qualified subcontractors and suppliers. 

Edgemoor’s Commitment to MBE/WBE Participation:

Edgemoor has committed to 20% MBE and 15% WBE participation for construction and 17% MBE and 12% WBE participation for professional services, exceeding the City’s target goals in all categories. If confirmed, we will work with the City, Human Resources Department (HRD), the Fairness Board, and others to carefully evaluate market data and other information related to local MBE/WBE capacity. 



Ensuring Labor Harmony

We are already working actively with local labor organizations to align goals and expectations on hiring, recruitment, wages, work requirements, and other items necessary to achieve labor harmony on the new KCI Terminal Project.