Kansas City Firm, Lockton Companies, Selected as Broker for KCI Terminal Modernization Project

Hometown company to provide insurance and risk management advice

KANSAS CITY - Edgemoor team design-builder, Clark | Weitz | Clarkson, has added another highly-respected Kansas City-based firm to its ranks. The team awarded the contract for insurance placement and administrative services on the KCI new terminal project to local insurance firm, Lockton Companies. The award furthers the Edgemoor team’s commitment to delivering a transformational project by amplifying opportunities for local businesses to contribute to the new terminal’s development, design and construction.

Founded in Kansas City in 1966, Lockton Companies has a longstanding local presence and deep roots in the community. Formed as an insurance and surety broker for the construction industry, the firm has expanded exponentially in both service offerings and geographic reach. Lockton’s Kansas City offices support both local and global clients and are home base for nearly 1,400 associates who live and work in the region. Construction and design remains the company’s largest industry and accounts for nearly a quarter of its revenue.

As part of their role on the project, Lockton will provide insurance placement and administration services, along with risk management consulting.

“Lockton is honored and excited to be part of making the new KCI terminal possible,” said Joe Agnello, CEO of Lockton’s Kansas City operation. “KCI is the gateway to our hometown, and we look forward to helping Edgemoor and the Clark | Weitz | Clarkson team create a world-class airport to serve our community and welcome visitors.”

Lockton enhances a growing and diverse cohort of local firms who will deliver the new terminal project. Collectively, the greater Edgemoor Team is comprised of more than 50 Kansas City-based firms - 33 of which are certified minority- and women-owned businesses. Lockton plans to enlist additional minority- and women-owned businesses to help administer the complex insurance program.

The project team also includes local general contractor, JE Dunn; construction firms, U.S. Engineering and Capital Electric; design and engineering firms Taliaferro & Browne and Garver; and financial services companies, Lead Bank and Kutak Rock, among many others.

Mark Goodwin, Clark | Weitz | Clarkson vice president and program manager for the new terminal, expressed his excitement about the latest addition to the project team, adding, “Lockton has a longstanding reputation as a top-notch insurance broker. Their technical knowledge, relevant industry experience, and national standing makes them the right partner for this project.”

Geoff Stricker, managing director for Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate called the addition of Lockton another positive step for the project and the community. “From day one, the Edgemoor Team made a promise to ensure the new terminal was a project for Kansas City by Kansas City. Our commitment to building a diverse and qualified team, maximizing local participation, and creating meaningful opportunities throughout this journey remains strong,” said Stricker. “We are confident that Lockton will enhance our ability to provide a successful outcome for the region.”

The new terminal project is advancing swiftly, and the selection of Lockton as the project’s insurance broker marks another important step in the construction process. Design work will continue into 2019. Demolition activities are anticipated to begin as early as this fall, following the FAA’s approval of the Environmental Assessment; a groundbreaking for the project will follow. Construction of the new terminal will begin in early 2019.

Edgemoor Team Hosts Seven Open Houses to Provide Update, Answer Questions on New Terminal Progress

Members of the Edgemoor Team and Kansas City Aviation Department (KCAD) hit the road in September to share the latest information on the KCI New Terminal. The team hosted seven Open House events across Kansas City, MO, and Johnson County, KS, to give citizens greater insight into the ongoing design process, including how the project team is working to incorporate sustainability and other features that will enhance the passenger experience in the New Terminal. The events also included stations on topics such as the Environmental Assessment (EA) process, Community Benefits Agreement, and job opportunities.

Open Houses were structured to allow interested individuals to walk through stations at their own pace. Subject matter experts from the project’s lead architect Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM), and Kansas City-based design partner DRAW Architecture, joined KCAD, Edgemoor, and Clark | Weitz | Clarkson (CWC) representatives to address questions about design development, project features, and other important aspects of the New Terminal.

An estimated 300 individuals participated in the latest round of community events. To view information shared during the September Open Houses, click here.

KCI New Terminal Community Workforce Agreement


From the beginning, the Edgemoor Team made a commitment to make this a transformational project – to not just simply build a terminal, but to create meaningful opportunities for both minority- and women-owned businesses, as well as local residents to contribute to the project. The Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) for the KCI New Terminal Project is a critical step in delivering on that promise.

What Makes this Agreement Significant?

While labor agreements are common on large projects, the terms of this agreement are unique to Kansas City because:

  • It is a single-project agreement. As such, non-union companies can decide to join their respective trade union for this project only.
  • Non-union companies that decide to sign the CWA can bring 100% of their existing workforce to the project, and their entire Project workforce will have access to established union training programs while working on the Project.
  • Up to $55-60 million in potential construction contracts are available for certified small minority- and women-owned non-union businesses that do not elect to sign the single-project agreement.

What Happens Next?

Over the next eight weeks, the Edgemoor Team will work closely with union and community leaders to establish a framework for the Project’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program. Additional information on the Pre-Apprenticeship Program will be posted soon on both kci-edgemoor.com and cwcjv.com, the website for Clark | Weitz | Clarkson.

KCI Terminal Replacement Draft Environmental Assessment and Section 106 Review and Public Hearing

Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment and Section 106 Review and Notice of Public Hearing for the Terminal Replacement Project at Kansas City International Airport, Kansas City, Missouri

The City of Kansas City, Missouri Aviation Department is issuing this Notice of Availability and Public Hearing to advise the public that a Draft EA and Section 106 Review was distributed to be available for public review beginning on August 23, 2018. The public comment period starts on August 23, 2018 and ends on October 2, 2018. A listing of the specific locations where a hardcopy may be reviewed and an electronic version of the draft document is available online at http://FLYKCI.com and at https://www.kci-edgemoor.com/documents/.

The public workshop and hearing will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday, September 24, 2018 at the Ambassador Building located at 12200 N. Ambassador Dr., Kansas City, Missouri. Oral and written comments may be presented at the hearing.

Written comments may also be submitted anytime during the comment period to the following address:

Chris Babb, Landrum & Brown, 11279 Cornell Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45242 or by email to KCIEAcomments@landrum-brown.com 

If you need assistance with language or accessibility, please contact J. Jade Liska, City of Kansas City, Missouri Aviation Department at (816) 243-3045.

KCI EA_NOA Public Hearing_Display Ad.PNG

Greater Opportunity for Small Businesses

Greater Opportunity for Small Businesses Through Low-Interest Small Business Loans & Pay Without Delay

Cash-flow is the most-often cited obstacle for small businesses. Not having the resources to add employees, or being able to sustain their companies during what can be lengthy pay cycles, are the top reasons many small firms do not pursue work that could otherwise help grow their businesses. In order to make work on the new terminal accessible to more small businesses, the Edgemoor team has partnered with Lead Bank to provide a low-interest loan program for disadvantaged firms. Furthermore, Edgemoor and it's construction team, Clark | Weitz | Clarkson (CWC), have made a commitment to its subcontractors to pay verified invoices within two weeks of receipt, instead of the traditional 45-60 days. As one small business owner noted, this “pay without delay” policy is a “game changer” for small firms.