Statement on Yesterday’s Events

From: The Edgemoor Team

Since the Edgemoor Team’s selection, we have been working collaboratively with the City to address all of the elements of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Over the last two months, we have incorporated every change that has been requested by the City. Just yesterday, new concerns were brought to our attention during Business Session. We were unaware of these concerns prior to the meeting, and believe we should be afforded the opportunity to continue negotiations and develop solutions.

Throughout the procurement process, and during the campaign and the weeks that followed, our team has been open, transparent and collaborative with the Council, and the community, with a focus on delivering the best result for Kansas City.

For months, we have worked with our partners from the Aviation Department and the airlines to build on the great work that was done, to further the design of a new terminal, and to ensure it will meet the needs and expectations of all who will use it.

We are grateful to everyone we have met over the past few months, including the hundreds of community members who participated in our Design Workshops and contributed their ideas and insights.

The Edgemoor Team remains committed to delivering a world-class terminal for Kansas City. We welcome the opportunity to continue our discussions with the Mayor and Council to address all areas of concern. We are confident we can reach an agreement that will continue this great region’s momentum and enable Kansas City to bring to life a game-changing gateway for generations to come.