Edgemoor Expands KCI New Terminal Project Team with 14 Minority-, Women-Owned, and Local Firms

Edgemoor continues to embrace Kansas City, Missouri businesses as partners in the KCI New Terminal Project and is excited to announce that 14 professional services firms have joined the project team. The firms include minority-, and women-owned businesses in a range of design disciplines. The announcement is a crucial first step in building out both design and engineering teams for the aviation mega-project, which will begin construction in late 2018.

The first set of local engineering firms to join the Edgemoor Team include:

Structural Engineering:    
•    Leigh & O'Kane, LLC   
•    DuBois Consultants, Inc
•    Henderson (lead) 
•    Custom Engineering
•    FSC, Inc.
•    Lightworks, Inc.
•    S&S Engineering, Inc. 
Landside Civil:    
•    Taliaferro & Browne (lead)    
•    Custom Engineering    
•    SK Design Group, Inc.    
•    3T Design & Development, LLC    
•    Leigh & O'Kane LLC
•    DuBois Consultants, Inc.    
•    Lightworks, Inc.
•    HG Consult, Inc.
Baggage Handling Systems:    
•    Custom Engineering        

•    Wellner Architects, Inc.
•    DRAW Architecture + Urban Design
•    Michele & Associates

Additionally, SOM Structures and BNP Associates will lead the project’s structural engineering and baggage handling system scopes of work, respectively. These 16 local and national firms will further strengthen Edgemoor’s purpose-built team, adding local knowledge and industry expertise to bring the best value to Kansas City. 

“Taliaferro & Browne is proud to have been chosen to lead the Landside Civil Engineering portion of the KCI Terminal Replacement Project. We value the trust and confidence that has been placed in our firm’s ability and in the ability of our subconsultants to design this critical portion of the new KCI,” said Leonard J. Graham, President of Taliaferro & Browne.    

In addition, the following minority- and women-owned Kansas City businesses are playing an important role in supporting the Edgemoor Team. 

•    A Clean Slate
•    Alphagraphics Kansas City
•    Dot's Office Supplies
•    KC Blueprint and Plan Room
•    Sorella Group
•    Freedom Interiors
•    Timlis Arketekcher

Edgemoor remains focused on creating meaningful opportunities for local residents and businesses throughout the terminal’s design and construction. The firm will be adding additional professional services and subcontractors in 2018. 

Congratulations to these firms and welcome to the Team!