Edgemoor Affirms MBE/WBE Commitment on KCI Terminal, Welcomes Meetings with All Interested MBE/WBE Firms and Other Groups

KANSAS CITY, MO, September 13, 2017. The Edgemoor Team today affirmed its commitment to supporting MBE and WBE inclusion and capacity-building on the KCI Terminal project. The firm has committed to a combined 35% MBE and WBE goal for construction, voluntarily exceeding the City’s stated goals as outlined in Exhibit A of the RFQ/P. Edgemoor also reiterated its strong interest in meeting with members of the KCI Airport Urban Consortium and all other groups that have an interest in the Terminal project. 

According to Geoffrey Stricker, Managing Director of Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate, “We’re taking an open-arms approach. We are actively meeting with many different groups and companies across the City and will meet with any and all MBE, WBE and other firms or groups interested in working with us on the proposed KCI Terminal project.”  As part of that effort, Edgemoor is hosting an outreach event open to all interested MBE and WBE firms on Wednesday September 20th in the Blue Room of the American Jazz Museum at 3pm.

As detailed in its proposal response for the KCI Terminal Project, Edgemoor has a strong track record of meeting and routinely exceeding minority- and women-owned DBE goals on projects across the nation. Including on the recently completed National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, DC. 

For its part, Clarkson Construction Company has always met and routinely exceeds goals set forth city and state infrastructure projects. Those goals are set by the client based on availability of eligible firms relative to the work being performed.

Stricker added, “We are excited to invest in building capacity among Kansas City's workforce and its MBE and WBE community through various programs like our innovative Strategic Partnership Program, which is free to participants. We are also committed to working with the City and key agencies to agree on the details of a solid Community Benefits Agreement that addresses transportation, day care, on-site clinics, training, prompt payment, and other financial support. Edgemoor will work toward a Community Benefits Agreement we can all be proud of and that will leave a positive legacy impact on Kansas City.”  

For more information, please contact:
Geoffrey Stricker, Managing Director
(301) 272-2990

About Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate:
Edgemoor is thrilled to partner with the City, the Airport, and the citizens of Kansas City, MO to deliver a cost-effective and efficient new single terminal and ancillary facilities at Kansas City International Airport. As a leader in the development, financing, and operations of public buildings, infrastructure, and commercial real estate, Edgemoor has delivered (or has under construction) more than $2 billion public-private partnerships (P3s), including the KU Central District Development project in Lawrence, KS; the Long Beach Courthouse and Long Beach Civic Center projects in Long Beach, CA; and the University of California, San Francisco Sandler Neuroscience Center.