KCI Partner Profile - Michele & Associates

Name:  Michele S. Ohmes

Company Name:  Michele & Associates


1. Where is your company located?
14819 E 48th St Kansas City MO

2.  How long have you been in business in Kansas City? 
20 years

3.  How did you get your start in the industry?
Michele & Associates evolved from me being a personnel consultant to an Americans with Disabilities Specialist. I joined the KCMO in 1994 as their ADA Specialist. When I retired from KCMO 2007 I continued my consulting business.

4. What types of services do you provide? 
ADA Consulting, Designing, and Training, Motivational Speaker, Customer Service, Diversity Trainer, and Speaker. I also still dabble in personnel assistance such as Resumes, Job Search, and Interviewing Skills. 

5. How many employees do you have working for you in and around Kansas City?
I am the sole employee.

6. What is your role on the KCI New Terminal project?
I am the ADA Consultant from the design stage through the final punch list. I will work with community interaction, designers, construction issues, training, etc. This important role will include reaching out to the disABILITY community and others for their input and ideas.

7. How does the KCI project compare in size/scale to others on which you’ve worked? 
I worked on KCI Renovations, Bartle Hall, Sprint Center, both Royals and KC Chiefs major upgrades.

8. What excites you most about this project? 
Bringing our KCI into the 21st century with unlimited prospects for continuing the progressive projects for growing our City to meet the multitude opportunities and needs of all our citizens and visitors. 

9. Describe the impact you think the KCI New Terminal project will have on the local design and construction community and/or the City. 
It will bring in jobs for many of our community businesses, from consulting to labor, and give our business community the ability of hiring our citizens which will benefit everyone economically, emotionally, and pride in participating in this exciting project. The project will also give the opportunity to make the new KCI airport a world class endeavor we can all be proud of and point to the fact our business community is a part of it.

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