KCI Partner Profile - Parson + Associates

Name: Jason Parson

Company Name: Parson + Associates


1. Where is your company located?
Parson + Associates is located at the corner of 18th & Vine Streets, in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri’s Historic Jazz District.

2. How long have you been in business in Kansas City? 
2018 marks our 11-year anniversary.

3. How did you get your start in the industry?
I was motivated to get started in the industry during my time at war—Operation Iraqi Freedom—in 2003-2004. While at war, I was determined to play a more of an active role in my community. Upon returning home, I worked part-time for a local firm and was ultimately encouraged to venture out on my own.  

4. What types of services do you provide?
We specialize in providing strategic communications, outreach, and government relations services.

5. How many employees do you have working for you in and around Kansas City?
We currently have six full-time employees.

6. What is your role on the KCI New Terminal project?
Our team is the local lead for communications and community outreach.

7. How does the KCI project compare in size/scale to others on which you’ve worked? 
Our team has had the good fortune to work on some of the City’s largest and most impactful public projects, including construction of the Downtown KC Streetcar and the East Patrol Station & Crime Lab Campus. While the new terminal is certainly the largest in terms of total project budget, we have worked on many that are similar in terms of impact to the immediate community and region. 

8. What excites you most about this project? 
This is a generational opportunity for our region. It reinforces that Kansas City is ready and willing to do what it takes to maintain our status as a city on the move.  

9. Describe the impact you think the KCI New Terminal project will have on the local design and construction community and/or the City. 
It challenges our local design community in ensuring they are forward-thinking and gives them an opportunity to show the world the talent we have here in our city. This is a great opportunity to keep our city working. It is an even greater opportunity for M/WBE construction firms to use this opportunity as a springboard for healthy growth and future success.  

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