KCI Partner Profile - S&S Engineering

Name:  Santanu Kumar Nath

Company Name:  S&S Engineering, Inc.


1. Where is your company located?  
Overland Park, Kansas considered as Greater Kansas City, MO

2. How long have you been in business in Kansas City? 
14 years

3. How did you get your start in the industry?
I worked for a few consulting engineering firms in Kansas City after graduating from Kansas State University since the early 90’s and worked my way up from design engineer, to project manager, to Partner/Principal of the last firm before I started S&S Engineering on my own.

4. What types of services do you provide?
MEP Engineering Design, Commissioning, and Energy Management (including Energy Modeling) services.

5. How many employees do you have working for you in and around Kansas City?
10 to 12. We regularly team up with another firm to have access to a staff of 50.

6. What is your role on the KCI New Terminal project?
We are working with Henderson Engineering developing energy models for both the airport and parking garage, which will inform the design process as we seek LEED Gold Certification.

7. How does the KCI project compare in size/scale to others on which you’ve worked? 
The KCI New Terminal project is a large project, however, I was involved in the last KCI Terminal Renovation project which was approximately 1/3 of a billion dollars. I was also part of the large design team for the Kansas City Power & Light revitalization project which was approximatey the same size in terms of dollar amount.  

8. What excites you most about this project? 
Our ability as a small business to grow by being part of the Edgemoor/SOM design team and draw from the team’s experience for this landmark project for our community.

9. Describe the impact you think the KCI New Terminal project will have on the local design and construction community and/or the City. 
This project will have a huge impact on the local design and construction community because this project will provide an economic boost to the local design & construction industry. The local design community will be able to share and draw experiences from national and international level firms. The innovative design approach and project management style, coupled with the use of technology that transcends into real-life advanced construction practices, will be used to build a world-class international level terminal. This airport project is going to reflect an image of Kansas City as being an advancing and more progressive city among the similar cities in Midwest.