Nine Local Minority- and Women-Owned Firms Tapped to Lead Demolition, Abatement, and Early Start Work on New Terminal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Preliminary construction activities on the Kansas City International Airport New Terminal are in full swing. Days after beginning auger-cast test pile drilling near Terminal A, Edgemoor’s design-builder, Clark | Weitz | Clarkson (CWC), announced its selection of firms to lead early-start work on the project. Fifty-five percent of the contract dollars awarded will go to certified Kansas City-based minority- and women-owned businesses, furthering the Edgemoor Team’s commitment to maximizing opportunities for small, local firms to participate on the $1.5 billion project.    

The following firms will soon begin mobilizing on site to prepare for the deconstruction of Terminal A, laying the groundwork for the new modern facility that will take its place.

  • Capital Electric and Alpha Energy and Electric, Temporary Electric and Data Service (MBE)

  • Genesis, Cut, Cap, and Make Safe Utilities (MBE)

  • Four J Environmental, Erosion Control (WBE)

  • IBC, Fencing and Maintenance of Traffic (WBE)

  • Renascent, Inc., Demolition & Abatement

Renascent will lead demolition and abatement operations on both existing Terminal A and its adjacent parking garage. The firm is perpetuating Edgemoor’s promise of creating opportunities for local firms to contribute to the project by building a team that includes five Kansas City-based minority- and women-owned businesses, including:

  • Maher Oil, Fuel Supply (WBE)

  • Richardson Hauling, Off-site Trucking (WBE)

  • JA Lillig Grading, Off-site Trucking, Labor & Supervision (MBE)

  • Exceptional Waste Solutions, Trash Dumpsters (MBE)

  • JA Lillig Excavation, Grading (WBE)

“We are thrilled to add new partners to our roster, and proud to work alongside firms who share our commitment to leaving a lasting positive impact on Kansas City through this project,” said Mark Goodwin, Vice President with Clark | Weitz | Clarkson.

Richardson Hauling, one of Renascent’s local partners, will perform off-site hauling services during demolition. The firm’s president, Dianna Richardson, recently completed the Kansas City Strategic Partnership Program (KC SPP), an intensive, six-month professional development course that Edgemoor offers to small business owners as part of its robust Terminal Workforce Enhancement Program. Richardson is a graduate of the inaugural KC SPP class, which included owners and leaders from 29 local firms. The program is offered at no cost to participants and provides students with project management and business fundamentals to help position them for greater success on future pursuits. Richardson is the first graduate of the program to secure a contract on the New Terminal project.

“This has been an incredible journey,” recalls Richardson, who first learned about the New Terminal two years ago. “I have been following this project since the Edgemoor Team hosted its very first subcontractor open house event in 2017.” Less than a year later, Richardson was enrolled in the KC SPP. “I was fortunate to participate in the Strategic Partnership Program. The course was an amazing experience that prepared me for this moment and will continue to help me throughout my career,” she notes. In a story-book ending, Richardson’s firm will begin work on the New Terminal this spring. “I love Kansas City.  This is going to be a historic project for our City -- and for me personally. I can’t wait to get started.”

Edgemoor established ambitious goals of 20% MBE and 15% WBE participation for construction services as part of its Developer Pledge. “One of the ways we intend to reach our participation goals on the New Terminal is by investing in the growth and development of Kansas City small businesses, like Richardson Hauling,” said Managing Director Geoff Stricker. “Witnessing Dianna secure a contract on the project drives home the importance of programs – like the Strategic Partnership Program – that provide a pathway to long-term growth and success.”

A groundbreaking ceremony for the New Terminal is scheduled for Monday, March 25, and will kick start early start activities. Interior demolition in Terminal A will begin in April, followed by demolition of the terminal superstructure and nearby parking garage in early summer. Construction of the New Terminal is anticipated to begin mid-2019.

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