What makes us different?

As ONE TEAM, we are able to offer Kansas City unparalleled experience as local and national leaders in the construction industry with extensive national aviation and infrastructure expertise, P3 pioneers that have developed and financed more infrastructure P3s in the U.S than any other firm or team, and deep roots in the greater Kansas City community that tap into the pulse and excitement driving the growth and development of the Kansas City area.

Combined, Edgemoor and its partners have developed and financed more infrastructure P3s in the U.S. than any other firm or team. We are pioneers in the development of public building or “social infrastructure” P3s. 

Having delivered more than $60 billion of aviation work and +$50 billion design-build and integrated delivery projects around the world, the Edgemoor Team provides the City and KCI with experience in every service needed to complete the KCI Terminal Project. Our culture focuses on trust, transparency, partnering, and communication. 

Meet the Team

Additional Edgemoor team members include:

Structural Engineering:    
•    Leigh & O'Kane, LLC, WBE   
•    DuBois Consultants, Inc., MBE
•    Henderson (lead) 
•    Custom Engineering, MBE
•    FSC, Inc., MBE
•    Lightworks, Inc., WBE
•    S&S Engineering, Inc., DBE
Landside Civil:    
•    Taliaferro & Browne (lead)    
•    Custom Engineering, MBE    
•    SK Design Group, Inc., MBE   
•    3T Design & Development, LLC, MBE    
•    Leigh & O'Kane LLC, WBE
•    DuBois Consultants, Inc., MBE    
•    Lightworks, Inc., WBE
•    HG Consult, Inc., MBE
Baggage Handling Systems:    
•    Custom Engineering, MBE       

•    Wellner Architects, Inc., WBE
•    DRAW Architecture + Urban Design, WBE

Traffic Planning:
•    Olsson Associates 

•    TSI Geotechnical Inc., MBE 

General Contractor - Office Fit-Out / Self-Perform Electrical:
•    Infinite Energy Construction, MBE 

•    Trekk Design Group, LLC, WBE 

•    Anlab Environmental, MBE 

Landscape Design:
•    LAND3 Studio, MBE

•    Premier Engineering Consultants, LLC, MBE 

Airside Civil:
•    Garver